“The Calendar”

Grey Sparkle / Moving Records & Comics / Old Bicycle / Under My Bed / Lizard 

In collaboration with Gattolino
Mastering by Ian Hawgood

One year after Thursday Evening (2013), Sparkle in Grey are back with The Calendar. The development of this previously announced ‘acoustic work’ takes its basis from the classic guitar of Alberto Carozzi, on top which the violin and viola of Franz Krostopovic have progressively been layered, the electronic inserts and the field recording of Matteo Uggeri and, finally, the bass, a touch of glockenspiel, percussion and kid’s organ by Cristiano Lupo. Moreover, other musicians provided important contributions to the final arrangements on clarinet, organ, cello, double bass, piano andAlessandro Pipino of Radiodervish plays the harmonic saw.
The overall sound of the The Calendar is airy and ever-changing, accompanying the movement of the seasons from which transpires a delicate poetry, open to minimalist experimentation.

When the format of a medieval bestiary meets the virtues of contemporary happy living, a little book like the one accompanying this record might appear. Each month a species (or a family) shows a way to tackle some burning modern issues, such as fashion, community, mobility, play, storytelling, sex, water, care, welfare, recycling, art and savings. The illustrations of Matteo Uggeri appear naïf at a first glance but after they have been scrutinised carefully for a whole month (to which each track on the record is dedicated) they adopt the sharpness and density of icons. 
The booklet, enriched by scripts by Gaia Margutti, is the first release of the newly born publishing house Gattolino and is accompanied by both the standard and the Pauper Edition (where each copy also comes with a game-poster-and a unique hand-drawn/painted graphic).

PAUPER EDITION: 2 CD, lim. edition of 25 copies
the standard edition plus an extra CD, ‘Whispering the Calendar’, enriched by a unique hand painting as well as a 42×60 cm game-poster – 30 €

STANDARD EDITION: CD, lim. edition of  425 copies
in recycled gross cardboard, with hand stamped graphics and a 28 page calendar booklet – 12 €




The Pauper Edtion

Some of the painted covers of the Pauper Edition

The Normal Edition