Artist: Deison & Uggeri
Title: In the Other House
Label: Final Muzik / Old Bicycle Records / Oak / Loud! / Grey Sparkle Total running time: 45:37
Release date: June 1th 2015


Limited 300 copies LP with pictures by Francesca Mele and artwork by Matteo Uggeri
Limited 100 copies CD with pictures by Francesca Mele and artwork by Cristiano Deison

It was not born as a concept album, but as it was slowly becoming like the music inside it the sound work of Cristiano Deison and Matteo Uggeri ended up finding itself, step by step, enclosed between the narrow walls of an exceptional home. Arriving there from different places and positions, and never actually meeting, Friulian and Milan found themselves, perhaps in spite of themselves, together in uncomfortable rooms which were populated by dark invisible presences. It is not the scenario of a horror movie, there is no tragedy or fear, just the knowledge that somewhere else or the escape itself may be less reassuring than one has hoped. Therefore Francesca Mele’s photos, both a seal of the work and source of inspiration for the music seem to further cloak the place in that sense of quiet desperation that daily life often implies.

Assembled, mixed and finalized in the short time range between November 2012 AND THE FOLLOWING January, “In the Other House” is finally issued with the mastering from Hawgood (Home Normal) and thanks to the support form the musicians own labels plus Old Bicycle Records, Final Muzik and Oak Editions.

Funnily enough, both Uggeri and Deison really moved house few months before the record release, with immense stress. They now live respectively in Milan and Udine. In other houses.


Cristiano Deison has been involved in the noise electronic area since 1991, (he played loops and voice in Meathead during 90’s) and approached the world of sounds doing self-released cassettes collages with some tape recorders, turntables and objects mainly in the field of noise and power-electronics. He established a small label (Loud!) and began to collaborate with artist like Lasse Marhaug, Thurston Moore, KK Null, Shee Retina Stimulants, etc… Influenced by the electroacoustic music, ambient minimal electronic as well as a great interest into digital music and sound design, then he operated with samplers and field recordings. New releases show the new sound direction taken by Deison: calm waves of looping deep ambient scapes, penetrated with sample fragments and light additional noise-ambient textures form a silent, minimal frame-set: a new imaginary movie soundtrack. His works have been released on Silentes Records (Italy), Aagoo (U.S.A.) and new collaboration works emerged with Candor Chasma, Sara Galan and Mingle. He also contributes sounds for his more dark-ambient duo Cinise (with G. Santoro).


Matteo Uggeri graduated in Design at Politecnico di Milano and started playing in 1996 with the Der Einzige project, inspired by the industrial movement of the late 70s, which remains one of his reference points for the following years; however, he developed a growing interest for melody and field recordings. The collaborative component has been at the heart of his production, constantly exploring different musical languages, from dark ambient, to concrete music (“Erimos” with Maurizio Bianchi/MB and Fhievel), EBM (“Slowmotion”, with Telepherique), to kraut rock (“Quatro Erogenic Occupy” with De Fabriek), to electroacustic (“Autumn is Coming” with Andrea Ferraris and Mujika Easel) and eventually folk songs (“Fields of Corn”, with Bob Corn). Only recently two solo works have been released on Fluid Audio and Scissor Tails. His collaboration with Sparkle in Grey, a permanent four-member band, has been running uninterrupted alongside these activities since 2005. With his group he shared unclassifiable and eclectic records, including the LP with Tex La Homa/Matt Shaw and a CD with the American band Controlled Bleeding. Hallmark of the group are the illustrations with the distinctive image of the ’roundmen’, whose pictures Uggeri draws with various techniques. |

Deison Uggeri – Teaser from Oak Editions on Vimeo.