Oak editions is an independent music art label owned and managed by the ambient artists Francesco Giannico & Alessio Ballerini. It is mainly focused on the promotion and diffusion of electroacoustic, soundscape and ambient texture. The project was born two years after we had founded the Italian Soundscapes Archive also called A.I.P.S. (Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori). In this website you may also find an online CD & Digital Download Store supporting the works and projects of the artists that belong to the label. The CD & Download orders are carried out safely and easily by PayPal. Our main feature is to produce special limited editions with very refined artworks and packagings. We give the possibility to buy our releases both in digital and physical format . The physical format is obviously more complete, behind a release there’s a study of the concept, designed to know how to impress it on the artwork and how to produce the package too.

Publishing editions of cds, videos and objects.

Presenting exhibitions, sound installations and events in collaboration with its artists.

More Info at http://oak-editions.com