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Giovanni Lami is one half of the duo Lemures (with Enrico Coniglio) and a member of AIPS (L’Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori, or Archive of Italian Soundscapes). He describes himself as a field recordist and musician, and also spent several years working as a photographer. His latest solo work [mema verma] is the conclusion of an investigation into the shruti box, a bellows-powered instrument most commonly used for producing the drones in

Indian classical music. Curiously, the shruti box developed in India as a modification of imported Western harmoniums, as Indian musicians appropriated and adapted newly available technologies to suit the needs of their own traditional music. In Lami’s work the instrument is performed in numerous ways, deviating to a greater or lesser extent from the standard technique; once again the instrument is adapted and modified according to specific local requirements.

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