Sonospace (UK) ha pubblicato il nuovo ep “Confini/Fiaccole” di Giulio Aldinucci.

Il lavoro contiene due composizioni basate su soli field recordings

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Qui la descrizione ufficiale:

“Confini” is a continuous stream of both fragments and longer recordings taken in various locations around Europe: the sound mutates quickly and naturally as a metaphor of the mnemonic operations we do when opening an old personal travel diary.

“Fiaccole” is the name of an ancient tradition that takes place during the night of the Christmas eve in Abbadia San Salvatore, a mountain village in the area of Siena (Italy). Although this tradition is Christian nowadays, it still conserve elements of its Pagan origin. The part of its history story that is documented starts in 742 a.d., after the build of the monastery where people from the villages around used to celebrate the Christmas gathering around some big piles of wood that were on fire all night long. The tradition is still the same nowadays, local people gather around this big piles of wood (called “fiaccole”) singing ancient Christmas song and offering hot beverages and cakes to guests after midnight.