As part of the Main OFF 2012 , 9th congress of arts and indipendent electronic music and in collaboration with  Brusio Netlabel  and  Sguardo Contemporaneo AIPS (Italian Soundscapes Archive)  is organizing this workshop as a second step of the Rome Soundscape Project (the soundmap of Rome), after making the sound map of Pigneto area, now it’s time to soundmapping the San Lorenzo district.

Main argument is acoustic ecology and the purpose is to create a sound map of  San Lorenzo district, one of the historic places of the capital. From the walls, through the central square until Pastificio Cerere and the Cinema Palazzo. 
Audio recordings made will then be used by the members at the workshop, under the guidance of the coordinators,to form a sort of laptop ensemble so they can  can manipulate  in real time guided  the coordinators of the project.

Structure of the Workshop \ \ \ \
The workshop is full immersion, therefore, include the entire day. In the morning will be held on the theoretical part: basic concepts of acoustic ecology, the concept of soundscape, the soundscaper, how to create with recorded sounds. This will also address the study of the software that will be installed on laptops members and how to use it during the live evening using the audio material collected.
In the afternoon there will be the sound-walk (walk score) during which digital recorder in hand, will be sampled points set in the San Lorenzo district, and then start to prepare technically live-set evening.

Where & When \ \ \ \ \ \ \ 
The workshop will start from 10 am to 08 pm on October 20th 2012, and will continue through the streets of S. Lorenzo, Rome. The evening performance will be developed at the Cinema Palazzo.

The workshop has a fee of € 70 for the whole day, 50 euro for those who come from outside Rome. To subscribe just send us an e-mail with the registration form you find on here below in attachement with a copy of your document and a deposit of 50% of the amount by October 10, 2012 charging this card 4023 6005 8542 3413 postepay and giving by mail the reference of payment.

No refunding if you surrender

The workshop is taught by Francesco Giannico  and Alessio Ballerini both coordinators of AIPS Italian Soundscapes Archive