Øe Transfer (Murmur Records, 2012)

Available for pre-order on Nature Bliss, Murmur Records


Notes The bits stream invades the whole human experience today, influencing the cognitive aspect, perception, learning and communication. Man is irremediably part of this paradoxical process that leads him to experience his emotions by interacting with 0 and 1 combinations, of which the digital videos, images and music are composed. The numerical representation of life and the sensorial stimulation, achieved by combining data into binary format, replaces human primordial needs; by tending towards an abstraction, man sees himself interacting with the machine. The most evolved cultural-technologic manifestation of this new human condition is depicted by the Affective Computing, which is the study and development of devices able to recognize, process and simulate human emotions. These machines should interpret the emotional state of human beings and adapt their behaviour to them: the detection of emotional information begins with sensors which capture data about human speech, facial expressions, psychological reactions, skin temperature and language. Giving to machines emotional capabilities makes it possible to establish and simulate empathy between humans and robots.Transfer is a sonic reflection about all affective phenomena which come out by the use of digital interfaces: the emotions are thus converted twice (reality-digital, digital-reality), creating a transfer between the artist’s original purpose and the users.Transfer has been composed between July 2010 and March 2011. All the recording sessions were made in the summer of 2010 at the Gorges of Salinello (Abruzzo, Italy), a natural reserve located between two mountains, also known as the Monti Gemelli (Twin Mountains). This impressive valley is characterized by beautiful waterfalls, unusual rock patterns, caves, wild flowers and small life forms. Later on, all the organic sounds were processed using computer, audio morphing and re-synthesis tecniques. 


Press This time is the Japanese record label Murmur to embrace Øe and Fabio Perletta’s universe of trascendental sonorities. And with reason. This new 4/8 track visionary journey (each piece is a two-suite track, actually) goes straight deep into the listener’s wide inner self, this is the Universe, filling it with glitch peace (February / Seek) and keeping feeding it with chatarsis. A perception scenario made of sampled chamber strings (celestial on Seadawn / .Ksd), electricity, prepared sounds and samples, drone music which merges cerebral and spiritual boundaries. Maybe this is the Transfer in subject. Poignant explorative paths, alternated fragments of dusky and clear new understandings. Humming on Hatsuyuki / D Quant, or lost under the miracle of digitalized rain and the twittering birds of Sad / Jitter, Perletta’s new record wraps elegance along the atmospheric side of unknown, narrated by nostalgic sound textures. Massive, repeated listenings might lead to Nirvana. Paolo Miceli | Komakino ‘Zine

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