Galaverna | approaching post-digital sound presents:

“Sceneries from the Castellated Wall” by Yasuhiro Morinaga

cat: gal 0020

date: jun 21 2012
time: 27:57

Listen/Download here.

At the second official release, Galaverna’ catalogue is enriched by the contribution from Japanese sound designer Yasuhiro Morinaga, a former pupil of Michel Chion and so far active in the musique concréte. The work presents a little pastiche of three episodes based on the field-recordings made in Italy and Northern Ireland throughout 2010 and 2011. The opening track, For “La Donnaccia“, is a tribute to a little gem of neo-realism, the eponymous film directed by Silvio Siano, which tells of the hard life, the superstitions and rituals of the small community of Cairano, a village perched on a rock as suspended in the air, in the abstract and distant lands of Irpinia. Parade tells of Morinaga’s journey in the popular music of Celtic tradition in the area of Londonderry: on the captured concrete sounds seems to fall a dark blanket, like a deserted heath swept by a wind full with fog. The last track, Ear of Dionysius, is dedicated to a sound experience had by the author in the famous cave known as the Orecchio di Dionisio in Siracusa, on the occasion of a short artist residency with Domenico Sciajno: the heavy resonances of the track incipit are superimposed by a gradually increasing rhythm that leads to a surprising techno oriented ending-loop. With “Sceneries from the Castellated Wall”, Morinaga manages to combine three different strands of his work: concrete music, ambient and sound design, releasing a work in which – despite the short breath – the echoes of the intense experiences of places and soundscapes experienced by Japanese musician in the last years is unmistakable.