PARALLEL.41 __/Julia Kent+Barbara De Dominicis
+ film by Davide Lonardi
out on may/june 2012 @ Baskaru

Julia Kent (Can)                   cello, looping, effects
Barbara De Dominicis (It)   voice, field recordings, electronics
Davide Lonardi (It)              filmmaking, images, artwork

Artwork by Davide Lonardi

All music improvised, played and mixed by Parallel 41 (Julia Kent & Barbara De Dominicis)

Mastered by Lawrence English @

The tracks evolved from a series of extemporary and improvised recording sessions
made outdoors and held between september 2009 and october 2010

Le tracce sono il frutto di una serie di sessioni di registrazioni estemporanee ed improvvisative
avvenute per lo più all’ aperto [tra settembre 2009 e ottobre 2010]

Parallel 41 - Parallel 41 Parallel 41 - Parallel 41
karu:21, CD + DVD (deluxe digipak)
9 audio tracks + 1 movie, (p) 2012
Release date: 01/06/2012

New York and Naples on the same wavelength
by François Couture 

The 41st parallel runs an imaginary course from New York to Naples, Italy, where reside Julia Kent and Barbara De Dominicis, respectively. Therefore, you could say they are both on the same geographical wavelength. However, they also share the same musical wavelength, as they are both quite fond of delicate ambiances, loops, and spontaneity.

Cellist Julia Kent weaves dense sonic fabrics using real-time looping techniques she truly masters. Poet/singer/electronic artist Barbara De Dominicis likes to integrate live-treated field recordings to her inspired vocal improvisations.

To these two ingredients – Kent and De Dominicis – we must add a third one: the locations. The tracks on this debut album were improvised and recorded in 2009-2010, mainly in Italy, in unusual locations with promising acoustics: a fortress, an abandoned tunnel, a wool factory, a farmhouse. The artists inhabited these places for a while, and in turn these places inhabit the music, through microphone and hydrophone recordings of their surrounding area. Each piece has its own unique character.

To the main CD (8 tracks + 1 bonus track, total duration: 44 minutes), the Baskaru label is adding a DVD featuring Davide Lonardi’s documentary film Faraway Close (35 minutes). The filmmaker followed the duo on their journey. His film includes bits from interviews and performances, panoramic views, and archive documents.

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