CRÓNICA 067~2012

Four Italian soundscape artists worked in four ailing Italian industrial sites. Their work aimed to capture the strength of industrial noises, providing
a “loud experience” of mechanical hums, natural drones, metal squeaks, waves of steam and the sounds of raw materials, simultaneously proposing to reflect over the meaning and the high social value of industries and workers in a country where they are often overlooked. 

Their work was distributed to a host of musicians and sound artists that, looking from afar to Italian industry, but perhaps feeling much of the effects of the crisis that is affecting it, reinterpreted the original sources and provided the ten reinterpretations that complete this release.

This release is born of AIPS — Archivio Italiano Dei Paesaggi Sonori,

Available as a free download from www.cronicaelectronica.org    


Alessio Ballerini recorded in a large boatyard located in Ancona. Port: 43.62142 / 13.50952 Ancona (Ancona) 

Enrico Coniglio worked at the plant of the Grandi Molini Italiani in Porto

Marghera, on Venice’s waterfront. This plant is specialized in producing soft wheat flour and durum wheat semolina. Grandi Molini Italiani: Via dell’Elettricità, 13; 30175 Porto Marghera (Venezia)

Giuseppe Cordaro visited Acciaieria di Rubiera, based at Casalgrande,

close to the Secchia river, surrounded by fertile farmland. This furnace, with its 70-ton capacity, has yielded significant improvements in quality and productivity. Acciaierie di Rubiera: Via XXV Aprile; 42013 San Donnino di Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia)

Attilio Novellino recorded the Marcellinara plants of Calme Cementi, an

italian factory specialized in the production of cement, lime and calcium carbonate. Calme Cementi: Zona Industriale SS 280 Km 16.7; 88040 Marcellinara (Catanzaro) 


01 Giuseppe Cordaro: Acciaierie di Rubiera

02 Enrico Coniglio: Grandi Molini Italiani

03 Attilio Novellino: Calme Cementi

04 Alessio Ballerini: Port

05 Gintas K: Before One

06 Mathias Delplanque: Calme

07 Our Love Will Destroy The World: Billowing Blackening Bliss

08 Pure: Piercing Clouds With Laserguns

09 Yu Miyashita: Tetramiss

10 Gintas K: One

11 @c: Novantuno (per Enrico)

12 Lawrence English: A Ballad For The Machine

13 Simon Whetham: Fabricaria

14 TU M’: Dopolavoro


Produced by Ballerini, Carvalhais, Coniglio, Cordaro and Novellino. Post production by Attilio Novellino.

Mastering by Miguel Carvalhais.