Meta-Curatorial Practices Platform RM-ED/L | META-SOUND

is a brend new inner organization of RM/ED/L, constituted for the experimentation of conceptual/projectual methodologies for the production, communication and development of contemporary art events connected to the art of listening/sound art, through the construction of meta-curatorial artistic practices focused on extreme, transgressive, unorthodox, experimental and avantgardistic music researches, linked to many fields of human expressions and media art involved in new kinds of languages and settings of the communication.

VISION / STATEMENT: is a freelancer based startup organisation conceived as a meta-curatorial platform that deals in design of independent ways of practice of curating, based on the development of conceptual sound art researches, environmental music, audio-visual installations and extra-acoustic experiences, close to visual and performing arts, joined to unconventional and “extended” techniques of production for multidisciplinary projects, conceived as special programmatic events and collectable art editions, to promote cultural acknowledgements for artistic practices. 

BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF RM-ED/L | META-SOUND – Meta-Curatorial Practices Platform 
General Menaging, Manufacture and Executive Director: Radical Matters – Editions / Label | Sandro Gronchi 
Independent Curators: Sandro Gronchi | Pietro Riparbelli